Every Songwriter Project 

Hey Folks,Recently I took part in the Every Songwriter Project. Created by my good friend and photographer Ryan Nolan, the project is an ongoing endeavor where he will be featuring a photo of EVERY singer/songwriter in Toronto almost as an archive/ way to bring the community together. You can check out my pic along with others here  

New Music Video! 

Here it is!  Brand new music video for Calculated Love. The video was shot all in one take which was a challenge but we were able to pull it off after a few run throughs.   Directed by Ryan Nolan and funded by Much Fact.  If you like the song and want to check out the full album, its on iTunes or at  Thanks to everyone else who helped make this video happen!      

Great Time In Wild Rose Country 

   What can I say, Alberta you are truly amazing! Not only did you guys come though for me on my album pre-buy last summer, you also showed me and the band an incredible time. I can't thank you all enough for coming out to our shows, giving us a place to sleep or buying us a round at the bar. In Calgary and area I found everyone's optimism and hospitality in spite of all the flooding very inspiring. I… Read more

Interview with TIA 

 I recently did an interview with Freddie from Toronto Is Awesome. We talk about my new album, my move out east as well as future plans. Take a look here: TIA:NoelJohnson Interview  

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